About us :

Yodastaking is a french hosted staking pool for the cardano network (Server is located in Graveline - North of France). We are a team with Yoann (frontend developer as the lead of the project well known from those who follows the french channel of cardano fr) and Jeremy (sysadmin) who takes cares of the server maintenance.

Our staking pool is build on an ubuntu 20.04 LTS server with 4gb of ram. The monitoring is done with Prometheus and Grafana with alerts 24/24 7/7 !

ubuntu image server

We are all commited to give you the best experience possible. Our Ticker is "YOADA" so u can select our pool on both Yoroi or Daedalus wallet.

Our pool Id is 87e8eb433674d3c9d7b7ecbc466c240810399ed29730e3ff8f3e19fb26f20ccd so u can check our trusted infos in the